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13x13 bouncer only $999
Inflatable Bounce House Startup Package Deal Under $1800
Inflatable Bounce House Startup Package Deal Under $1800
retail price: $3,095.00
do you have a small budget with extra large aspirations to start an inflatable bounce house business or party rental business? at superior inflatables we have a large selection of introductory inflatable bounce houses, combos and slide packages starting under AKV$1800 for two or more inflatables. choose any two 8ft x 8ft inflatable bounce houses for 1525 includes everything in the picture. excellent startup package for the person(s) looking to get into the inflatable party rental business wit...
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Looking for a new spark in life by way of investing in a new business venture, If so you should consider starting a party rental and inflatable rental business. It does not take much to start a party rental or inflatable rental business and the rewards are as profitable as you want it to be. Consider the joy you will receive by way of delivering inflatable fun to parties and events for children and adults alike. Filled with smiles for miles, fun-filled activity, interactive games and complete customer satisfaction. Followed by relaxing self satisfaction of a JOB well done. A party rental business will allow you to bring these joys into other peoples lives as well as your own if your are a lover of people. At Superior Inflatables, we view your success as a major reward, on top of the monetary gains that encourages many to start a party rental business. Only in your successful achievements, can Superior Inflatables find success.
Inflatable Bounce House Startup Package Deal Under $2000
Inflatable Bounce House Startup Package Deal Under $2000
Inflatable Bounce House Startup Package Deal Under $2200
Inflatable Bounce House Startup Package Deal Under $2200
Inflatable Bounce House + Combo Startup Package Deal Under $2900
Inflatable Bounce House + Combo Startup Package Deal Under $2900
Inflatable Bounce House & Combo Startup Package Deal Under $3300
Inflatable Bounce House & Combo Startup Package Deal Under $3300

Has the economy affected the party rental business?

The inflatable rental industry has experienced rapid growth over the recent years as inflatable rentals for parties and events have become more and more popular specifically in the last 5 years. Going to "Chucky Cheese" coin-op family entertainment center aren't only going out of style. They just aren't very affordable to take the entire family anymore. Chucky Cheese is not family budget friendly like it once was in the past.

Now days it's a commonplace to see an inflatable bounce house or slide at a childs party every weekend. All the family gathering at a mutual location, potluck feasting with every family member contributing to the event. This has led hundreds of entrepreneurs to start a party rental business. You, too, can cash in on the popularity once you start a rental business of your own to service your local community. So why wait? Start a party rental business right away to experience the joy and rewards for yourself! You will be making children and adults happy in no time with your own party rental or inflatable rental business.

At Superior Inflatables, we want to help startup entrepreneurs considering inflatable rental and party rental business to succeed in their venture. When you decide to start a inflatable rental and party rental business with Superior Inflatables, not only will you be starting with the best quality American made inflatable products around with "warranty loaners", but we will also help guide you toward successful maintenance of your inflatable rental and party rental business.
We have an assortment of over 30 party rental, inflatable rental and outdoor movie rental startup bundle packages for you entrepreneur types looking to start your business with an American Inflatable Manufacture that partners in your success, Superior Inflatables with location spread out throughout Southern California and headquartered in Temecula, California. American inflatable manufacturing at it's best. America's most sought after dynamic and durable inflatable manufacturer is here to server "YOU".
At Superior Inflatables, we have created inflatable package bundles to accommodate all budgets big and small. We understand the sacrifices you've made to get to this point that your ready to purchase. Over a decade ago we made those same sacrifices to start Superior Inflatables. Our budget was meager at that, but everyone has to start someone. That's why we have created multiple-unit business startup bundles starting in the $1500 range and rising from there. Many of the bundles included everything you need to start your business out of the box. All you need to get is a business license and insurance. We will refer you to multiple referable party rental and equipment insurance companies. If you already know your budget we have made it easy for you. Start by finding your budget amount below and clicking on it to see what bundles are available in your range below.

$1,000 - $2,000 | $2,000 - $3,000 | $3,000 - $4,000 | $4,000 - $5,000 | $5,000 - $6,000 | $6,000 - $8,000 | $8,000 - $10,000 | $10,000 - $15,000 | $15,000 - $20,000 | Premium | Outdoor Movies

Don't worry if you dont see anything you like, call in 877-946-3528 ext 2 and we will custom tailor a business startup bundle specifically for you. Continue to browse down this page for more detailed specifics about starting a party rental business.

Is it hard work?

Your hard work required once you start a party rental business is honored with immediate rewards and the return on investment in a relatively short period of time with proper planning working weekends mostly, another words 8 days a month in reality. You could earn an extra $2,500 - $10,000 or more a month. This is a business where, the more you work it, the more it will reward you. If you don't have a plan, don't worry we will help you develop a plan and strategy. On average, inflatables are requested for rental 1.5 times per week. The chart below displays the details of three different party rentals business. It is safe to say that you will have a full return on your investment with Superior Inflatables guidance in starting a party rental business within one season. Your rental business will surely continue, if not grow, providing you with a steady stream of income for your efforts. Your growth is Superior Inflatables reward. Yes, it is true this is a hard job 15 minutes at a time setting up and breaking down inflatables in between driving in a truck. The weak and quitters should not apply, unless you have the budget to hire folks that don't mind sweating for an honest earned dollar . It is hard work like anything else rewarding is the true reality. However much easier then alternative low cost startup businesses for self-starter with the entrepreneurial spirit to consider. Like for example Landscaping, Gardening, Construction or Pool Cleaner. Long term considerably more enterprising with honest 6 figure annual income or more in reach of your hands.
Inflatable Rental and Party Rental Business Graph Study

*Note: We are using average rental rate for California. In your area a 15x15 bounce house could rent for $150 up to $250. We recommend doing your do-diligence research of your local party rental market for a better idea how much inflatables rent for. Then plug your numbers into the examples we have provided you. This will give you a much better idea of your party rental profit potential. The given example numbers might be much smaller then your capable of.

Example Rental Business

A party rental business with 4 inflatables (two large 15x15 inflatable bounce houses, large bounce and slide combo and 15ft inflatable slide) and purchasing 2 concession machines.

Startup Cost: 4 inflatables will be about $8200 and the 2 concession machines about $1,200, totaling $9,500 to start your party rental business. That's less than a price of most used car!

Income: 2 bounce houses with 1.5 times average rental a week at $90 equals $270. 1 bounce and slide combo with 1.5 times average rental at $150 equals $225. 1 15ft inflatable slide with 1.5 times average rental at $260 equals $390. 2 of the concession machines with 1.5 times average rental a week at $50 equals $150. Total gross income for the week equals $1,035. Deducting roughly $200 for expenses such as concession supplies, gas for delivery and pick-up and allowance for maintenance and depreciation will net you a total of about $835 for one week, $3340 a month leads to $35,000 - $40,000 annual weekend salary working 12 months a year. Seasonal operators that can only operate 6 of 12 months a year due to weather conditions will average $22,000 working weekends. Also note location with smaller rental seasons generally earn much higher income then demonstrated.

ROI: Return on investment of such a party rental business will take as little as 3 months for some and 6 months for others! Saturdays and Sundays are generally the busiest rental days of the week for any party rental business. So be prepared to give up your weekends for the extra income. This ensures that you may earn extra money with the convenience of running a party rental business as a part-time weekend business while earning your full-time income during the week.

All in all, starting a inflatable rental or party rental business offers entrepreneurs with a great opportunity to step into and learn the benefits of servicing the entertainment industry. The demand for entertainment is always present, and the demand for inflatable activities and entertainment keeps growing. Hard work, honesty and dedication to your party rental business will definitely pay off. Let Superior Inflatables help you get started!

Call 877-946-3525 ext:2 and save on your holiday inflatable purchase
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